The band OATH OF CRANES was founded a few years ago by Franco Sesa, former drummer of swiss legendary band Celtic Frost.

Franco: „The musical vision was to combine my passion for traditional eastern mantra chants and shamanic music with modern metal music.
After several line up changes, years of experimenting and searching for the right way to represent this music, the album „The Unsung Mantras“ is the result.
The goal was to capture the healing, the sacred, that is inherent in music. It’s not just shallow entertainment.
Personally, Metal music has always carried this message for me. More than any other musical genre. Lifestyle, philosophy, identification. Much more than just noise to dance to or an accompaniment to party. Of course, that is ok too. But metal means much more to me.

We are very satisfied with the album „The Unsung Mantras“ and would like to thank Tommy Vetterli, who managed to capture the atmosphere of our music.“

The band is:

Franco Sesa. Drums, songwriting, lyrics and concept.

Erol Unala. Guitar, noise and drones.

Chris Tragianidis. Lead guitar, keyboards and bass on the unsung mantras album.

Fabrizio Merico. Lead vocals, video production and graphics.

Amedeo Mauriello. Bass.

Sven Gryspeerdt has contributed a lot with his great work as a former member in pre-production and much more.