Front Cover – The Unsung Mantras

The front cover shows Saraswati’s body. The goddess/muse of musicians, writers, poets, wisdom and artists in general. 
A very revered, popular figure in Hindu culture.
She represents the best that the human being as a being can create from within. 
That which distinguishes the thinking, creative, inventive man from the raw animal. 
Art «sets man apart from nature» and makes him this unique being on this planet. 
Whether that’s a good thing or not shouldn’t be discussed here.

Crucially, the goddess head is missing. And what is the body without a head? 
The head is the decision maker. 
The commander and master over the body, unless the head „pushes“ the body into an illness. 
Then the body takes over. Many of us have got to know this and know how uncomfortable it is when the body determines life. 
One will do everything so that the head has the say. 
But that too will not be discussed in detail here.

Saraswati’s body is ruled by a goat’s head on the cover. The goat’s head represents the devil. 
In the biblical sense, the devil symbolizes the worst that man can bring out of himself. 
Greed, lust, jealousy, anger, etc. The lowest, the pathological, the perverted. 
The deceiver and as Jesus said: The lord of this world.
This neoliberal, capitalist world. Based on exploitation and oppression of the unprivileged.

The meaning of the cover thus becomes clear. 
The worst in man reigns over the best that man can generate.
Abuse of art.

Art used to dumb down and for ordinary entertainment purposes.
Used instead of growth and creativity, to put the brains to sleep. Very observable today.. and always has been.

Panem et circenses.

Television, radio and other media are used for dull entertainment. Distraction from what man could really be. 
Tired after work, one is no longer receptive for anything other than the pathetic crap served on TV. 
Understandable, of course, but it’s nevertheless a shame. 
No one can maintain health and a good life when having to spend three quarters of the day earning money (for others in many cases) to satisfy the most primitive needs like sleeping and eating. 
A better balance would require more space and time. 
This is NOT how a healthy society can develop.
I could go on writing for hours, but I think the essentials have been said.

Too much work is stealing from our lifetime. 
Worked away. 
For what?
Anyone can think about it.
The greatest human crime imaginable!
In the hour of death, insight comes to many.
Then it will be too late.

Think for yourself.
Question authority.
Anarchy will deliver.