The Album

*ORDER* The Unsung Mantras [2-LP] 

Our album «the unsung mantras» is an attempt to describe the path of «liberation, revival», whatever that may encompass.


The songs have titles in Sanskrit. The «compiled scripture» of the ancient Indian Vedas. The titles can describe acts or processes associated with patterns of human behavior. The iconography of Hindu deities embodies this knowledge.

They describe mental states or exhort attention to certain behavior of the individual or refer to immutable rules for a functioning society. Packaged and presented in imaginative four-armed figures, animal-men or gods with elephant heads etc.. They want to promote man in his good virtues, lead him from the dark into the light….Asato Ma Sat Gamaya.

 In my opinion the Vedas and their representations describe more richly and analytically the human condition than the christian representations, which are mostly only meant to remind us that we are mainly guilty, should honor martyrs, and above all should obey. First and foremost, of course, the institution of the Roman Catholic Church.

In the end, Hinduism is of course «only» a religion and just as good as its followers behave.


If the people disappear, the gods disappear.


OATH OF CRANES decided for this album to work with these motifs from Sanskrit and wrote lyrics that could describe these processes in modern language.


the unsung mantras


(….Mantras are tools of the mind. Mantric formulas are «pre-linguistic». They are «primordial sounds expressing feelings but not concepts, movements of mind but not ideas.» From the seed syllables of the mantras, language has arisen. From the mantras themselves, language arises…)

Joachim Berendt: Nada Brahma, the world is sound


Primal sounds, metal music, movements of the mind. The unsung mantras represent movements of the mind for which you are not yet ready. When you experience them the corresponding mantra will break out of you and hopefully bring you relief.